About Us

Our signature dish begins with kampung chicken of an uncommon freshness and quality. Chosen then prepared with utmost care, its pure flavours emerge through simple yet masterful slow cooking.

The result is aromatic, fork-tender, and succulent — the true taste of chicken achieved without shortcuts or synthetics.

With savoury rice and sauces made in-house from fresh ingredients, enjoy our honest, hearty, and wholesome offering perfected over many decades. Those decades started long before Five Star was a restaurant.

Growing up around chickens himself and later becoming a sought- after supplier, our founder made himself an expert so acute he can tell just by looking how old a chicken is at slaughter, its state of health, the care it was given.

To this day, we receive only the finest from purveyors because we know the difference. With every visit, enjoy what sets us apart — especially in our Five Star Signatures masterfully created to delight the palette.